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Wan Chai, Hong Kong January 21, 2004

On the late night morning of January 21 2004, a U. S. Citizen was nearly beaten to death. His attackers were three men. According to the man, who is from Fayetteville, North Carolina, he along with a Canadian associate were in a section of Hong Kong called Wan Chai.

A popular and well lighted tourist area.

The man stated that he went to the door of club Dusk to Dawn 76-84 Jaffe Rd Wan Chai, to make a mobile phone call. While standing at the door, the man, Lawrence Cary, (of The C.J. and REMEMBERINGHEROES Foundations),  said he heard a woman screaming. He looked to his left from the clubs entrance and saw a rather shocking image.. Three men and a woman beating another woman not only to the ground according to Mr. Cary, but beating her on the ground as well. The blows from the men were powerful and their kicks quick. Cary stated that he panicked with concerned for the beaten woman. Noting that there were other people on the street, Cary stated that he could not understand why no one was helping the woman, who according to Cary, was screaming not so much for help, but screaming from the severity of the beating.

Cary says he shouted for them to stop beating the woman who was in a prone defensive position lying on the ground. The assailants ignored his shouts. Without concern for his welfare, Mr. Cary went over to where the woman lay on the ground and pulled one of the attackers off. At that moment, the three men immediately faced Cary and started towards him. Cary says that a rather peculiar thing happened. The woman attacker, ran over to him, and spread her arms out across him and told her companions not to attack this foreigner, whom she did not know.

At that point it appeared to Cary that the attackers were going to leave without further incident. However, Cary says that once the woman spread her arms out to protect him, the main male attacker became enraged and indicated that he would take care of this foreign intruder into their domestic affairs.

Cary says that one of the three male attackers approached him from his right, even while he needed to move the defending women out of the way. As he prepared to defend against any attack of the man on his right, (he quickly remembered the man to his left) the one he considered the gang leader and most dangerous.

As Mr. Cary turned to see what this man was doing, he looked straight into the eyes of death and hatred, just milliseconds seconds before he received a severe and nearly fatal blow to the left side of his head, temple and facial area, with some type of wooden bat. Something much like a baseball bat. Cary stated that he saw it coming but had no time to react. After that initial blow, Cary said the next thing he remembered was seeing his business associate, a Mr. Anthony Kumane of PlatinumWorldOnline.com, (a Canadian Hip Hop Clothing Store). coming out of Dusk to Dawn and saying, my God what happened to you.

Upon hearing Mr. Kumane’s voice, Mr. Cary ( stumbling and bloody) backed up to the wall of Dusk to Dawn and slowly slid down that wall to the ground. The next thing Cary remembers, was hearing the voice of ambulance personnel and Hong Kong Police Officers talking to him.

Cary was quoted as saying that his attackers did not appear to be Chinese. Cary then passed out. According to Mr. Kumane, the Hong Kong Police Officers advised that Mr. Cary should not pursue having the attackers located, since he, (Cary) did not know them.

Cary was transported to the Ruttonjee Hospital Emergency Department, Queen's Road East-Wan Chai Hong Kong. Case and file number AE04004470R.

Mr. Cary was held for more than 12 hours. He received 5 stitches to the facial area. He sustained numerous blows to the head, facial areas, shoulders, lower back and left hand from the assailants wielding the bat.

With the help of the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong, Mr. Cary has been directed to a division of the Hong Kong Government, who is investigating this matter for further assistance.

NOTE:  Whenever and if ever you visit a foreign Country, Please, please notify the U.S. Embassy or Consulate of your presence.  I.E., who you are, your State of Residency, your family contact information, your reason for being there, your hotel room or other address, and when you will be leaving. This cannot be emphasized enough.  Do it without hesitation!


or U.S. Department of State  @



Update Injuries....

Mr. Cary has returned to the US. Medical institutions there have advised him that he has sustained the following:

1. Multiple and compound fractures around the orbital and optical areas of the left side of his face and head.   They are very concerned here of permanent damage to the base of the left eyeball & socket. .

2. Cartilage damage to the left side jaw areas.

3. Internal nose bleeding and drainage from the head blow.

4. Fractured lower right rib.

5. Quite a few bruises and painful shoulders and muscles.

6. There appears to be problems with Cary’s liver and kidneys. Possibly from one of the blows.

7. Broken facial bones in two places. A surgical procedure was suggested but is on hold.

8. Three fractured spinal cord bones

9. Several lifetime permanent injuries.


We at the Foundation certainly commend Mr. Cary for his selfless act in rescuing a woman stranger from a brutal attack and quite possibly death. You can surmise that if the attackers tried to beat Mr. Cary to death with a wooden bat, the attackers were beating that young lady with the very same veracity.

We also find it ironic In this day and time of looking out for one’s self, in this time of so many in the world communities looking at the United States, its’ citizens and its actions as being selfish and overbearing, and even bullish;  that a U. S. Citizen risked his own life to help someone in danger.

We also find it just as ironic that this US Citizen is a Black American. The world stage often looks at Black Americans as those with violent tendencies, with less moral and civil responsibilities, than other national counterparts.

We at the Foundation certainly commend Mr. Cary for his selfless act in rescuing a woman stranger from a brutal attack and quite possibly death. You can surmise that if the attackers tried to beat Mr. Cary to death with a wooden bat, the attackers were beating that young lady with the very same veracity.

Indeed Refreshing, Refreshing Indeed.

The Remembering Heroes Foundation

On the Web @ RememberingHeroes.Org.   

Email: WorldPeace@RememberingHeroes.Org.

Vol. 1 Iss. 1

SPECIAL NOTE: HONG KONG Police have indicated that they are going to actively pursue an investigation into this attack. As they should. Hong Kong is not know as a violent place for tourists and business professionals. If the Hong Kong Government wants to promote this image, they should take every effort to make Hong Kong a safe place for all people.      


 Wanchai Police Station

123 Gloucester Road

Wanchai, Hong Kong

本案檔號 Our Ref : WCH RN 04003304

來函檔號 Your Ref :

電話 Telephone: 2828 7409

傳真 Fax : 2828 7451






 Acknowledged and responded to by:  Lawrence Cary

Dear Lawrence  Cary
    How are you! I am so sorry to hear this bad news for this time. You are so brave. At this moment, I am so feelingly that the tears on my face now. So bad the attackers to you. I am sure the policemen would catch the attackers for punishment.
    So take care of yourself everything and everywhere. I am Angel. And I am like angel that I would bless you for ever.  Please keep in touch with me and let me know everything on your side especially your body for the healing. And forget everything that happened before. I think everything will be OK from now on. I am sure your business also will be very well from this moment. Because you are a good man and the God will help. Yes!
     I am looking forward to hearing of your good news on the healing your body and your business!

Best RGDS,
Angel  (assistant)

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UPDATE June 27, 2005

Mr. Cary injuries have healed quite well.  Of course there are unfortunate lifetime side effects. Both physical, mental and spiritual.

The Hong Kong Government, has produced little results.  That includes their criminal investigation as well as there attempts to repair the physical and mental as well as spiritual damages, Mr. Cary suffered.  That credit goes to The God and Christ & the U.S. Veterans Administration Hospitals, Fayetteville and Durham, North Carolina. 

A Very Special Thanks to Mr. Anthony Kumane, who was the first on the scene just after the attack and has been a supportive and sincere friend.

Thanks Anthony....

And Thanks to all of you; who hold life scared and know the value of Peace.


Mr. Cary wants to share this little story with you.

The morning of the attack, Mr. Cary, while still in the Hong Kong Hospital, and somewhat unconscious, had the following Vision.  Which he states while similar to a dream is more defined.

"He was standing on ground near an apartment building.  He suddenly heard screams, looked up and saw a small baby fall from a 2nd or 3rd floor balcony.  Plunging to her death. 

Mr. Cary then started running towards the falling child, and miraculously caught the child, before she hit the pavement".

Mr. Cary believes in Visions and Dreams.  And that God can be the Source.  He says he thinks this was the Good of Life telling him that he should never fear nor regret doing good and decent things.  Please remember that Cary also said he was on the scene of the attack, before he even knew it.

So we are not so sure his decision was a conscious one.

Mr. Cary believes that "LIFE" is sacred and should be protected and nurtured by each of us. 

Perhaps the act of trying to save a strangers life was what lives in his heart as well as the hearts of many of you. 

God Bless and Keep you all safe.

The C.J. and R.H. Foundations.

Last Updated January 23rd 2007

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